Article Published + Interview

The latest issue of the ‘Mongolia Today’ magazine, published by the Montsame News Agency, has just come out and features my article about the National University of Mongolia…(link to PDF below)


…and an interview in which I discuss my impressions of Mongolian music!

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Article(s) Published! – Andrew Lloyd

My interview with/article about explorer Andrew Lloyd was published in this Friday’s issue of the ‘Mongol Messenger’ newspaper! Andrew is on an expedition from Yakutsk to Darjeeling to raise money for the Gurkha Welfare Trust, and is about to begin his journey through the Gobi desert.

Andrew was an interesting person to interview, and has been a good friend to me for the past two weeks, providing me with some of my funniest memories of Mongolia.

I am also very thankful to him for inviting me to spend yesterday evening with explorer Karl Bushby, who, in three or four years time, all being well, will have become the first person in history to have walked a completely unbroken path around the world.

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You can read the article here: ANDREW LLOYD

The full version of my interview with Canadian band ‘Braids’ has also just been uploaded to the Montsame News Agency website:

And my ‘Nomad Spirit’ article from two or three weeks ago can be read here: ‘NOMAD SPIRIT’

Article Published! – Braids Interview

My interview with two of the members of Canadian band ‘Braids’ was published in this Friday’s issue of the ‘Mongol Messenger’!


I actually went to watch ‘Braids’ perform a few days before the interview at the Gandan Hill pub in Ulaanbaatar. They were the last band on, following two of the most popular bands in Mongolia – ‘The Lemons’ and ‘Magnolian’.




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It was a great night. I also met loads of expats at the concert. When you’ve been in Mongolia for a few weeks and you meet another English-speaking person, you practically fall into their arms with relief.

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