Happy International Women’s Day!


Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, which is an important celebration in Mongolia. Everyone gets the day off work to celebrate with their families. Men buy gifts for their wives and daughters, and very often on this day, they do the cooking!

This afternoon at work, all the women were called downstairs and led into a beautifully decorated room. Here we found tables covered in white cloth and laden with flowers, bowls of sweets and huge pizzas. We were instructed to sit around the edge of the room and wait for the men to serve us our red wine. Meanwhile, the director made a speech which thanked the women for their dedicated service to the agency, and after this, we were treated to a talent show, which included the famous Mongolian ‘throat singing’.

I had to leave for a meeting after only a few minutes, but was chased up the stairs by a man carrying a rose and a box of truffles. “Happy International Women’s Day!” he said, bowing and handing me the gifts.


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